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Workers’ Compensation quotes for PEO's

If you own or operate a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), you face unique challenges with regard to risk management.

Workers’ Compensation for PEOs (Professional Employer Organizations)Many insurance carriers will not write workers compensation insurance for PEOs, because of the diverse array of clientele in most PEOs, which creates an uncertain risk profile for the insurers. Those companies who do write PEO policies tread very carefully, relying on strong agent-carrier relationships, often charging relatively higher premiums, and requiring additional due diligence on behalf of the agent. These variables are responsible for wide-ranging workers compensation costs throughout the PEO industry.

PEO clients reduce workers’ compensation costs through:

  • Carefully screening client companies
  • Providing safety training
  • Managing workplace injuries
  • Offering return-to-work programs
  • Clearly defining and understanding which company, the PEO or its client, is the employer of record and, therefore, eligible for the "exclusive remedy" provision.

We’ve learned that the agent can make the PEO look very good to its clients or very bad. Services that help you look good include:

  • Offering monthly payment plans with no down-payment
  • Issuing hassle-free Certificates of Insurance
  • Rapidly handling claims
  • Assisting with completing and maintaining OSHA 300 logs
  • Conducting regular job-site reviews